Present in the Pain

You know that gut feeling you have as a parent? The one that tells you exactly what’s happening with your child before your child can even express it? Well, I had that feeling, and I knew what it meant before Elena could even scream her first scream: it meant Ear Infection.  She had been fussy […]

A Marriage Post, Part 2

My friends, first let me say thank you. I didn’t anticipate such a big response to my last post, but you have blessed me beyond measure with your encouragement. After pushing “publish,” I went to bed with much anxiety for being so transparent with you about our marriage. I’m so glad that we are not the […]

Almost 15 years later…

Davy and I are coming up on our 9th anniversary tomorrow, June 10. This is amazing in itself, but we also had five and a half years of dating behind us before we tied the knot. You know, at the ripe old ages of 20 and 21. That’s a lot of numbers in just a few […]

Grocery Shopping Day

I really dislike grocery shopping. There’s just something about going to a store, loading up my cart with a bunch of food, paying shocking amounts for this food, and then next week going back to the store and buying the same food again. I mean, something about this feels like insanity. Why does this food have […]


“Easter is the most important holiday we have.” “It is?! More than Christmas?! WHY?!” Micah couldn’t believe me. Mind blown. Easter is the most important holiday for us because without the resurrection, our faith is worthless. Jesus died for our sins, but if He had stayed dead? We would also die in our sin and […]

Living Grace by Grace

Living Grace by Grace

“Mom? Is Jesus bigger than monsters?” Norah and I usually have important conversations like this when she’s sitting on the toilet. “Yes, honey. He is.” “Then why does He always look like…regular size in the Bible?” Looking back, I really should’ve taken the opportunity here to reinforce that monsters are not, in fact, real. I didn’t. Instead […]

Let’s Make a Deal

I’m about to tell you one of my most favorite parenting decisions I’ve ever made. No, it’s not the hidden sock basket, though that is one of my favorites. (FYI: Kids don’t put dirty socks in the laundry basket. But they DO put them in the secret hidden sock basket in the living room. Because […]