a valley of hope

Practice Makes Better

                    You know what I hate? Anyone want to take a guess? Cabbage. Swiss Chard. Herbal Tea. Feeling thirsty. I also hate the phrase “Practice makes perfect.” If you know me at all, you know I’m a recovering perfectionist. It wasn’t until I had kids that […]

Discipline: Round 3000. FIGHT!

Discipline: Round 3000. FIGHT!

Ladies and Gentlemen, From the red corner, weighing in at four hours of sleep and three cups of coffee, we have Mom. Seasoned and known for her quick “NO!” jabs right into the middle of unexpected situations. She anticipates her oppontents’ moves and is best on the defensive, adept at keeping her feet pacing the […]

Love Covers

I took a poetry class in college that was a crossover graduate/undergraduate class. One of the graduate students came in with the tiniest poem one day, and we were supposed to workshop it. I don’t remember her name, but I do remember the poem. It went like this: Love, Please bury me In this hole.* […]

Game On

Have you ever been in the middle of saying something and realized you didn’t mean to sound that way? Or started speaking and it comes out as though you’re insufferably agitated, except that you don’t actually feel as upset as you sound? Hello, I’d like to introduce myself. I am that person. About a week […]

Raising My Expectations

I walked into the bathroom and found Norah putting change into a plastic container. ” What are you doing, Norah?” “Putting money in here.” “Why?” I ask. “For the poor children.”   I felt kind of surprised. I wish I could say we are a very outward focused family – one that continually looks for […]

And Now There Are Three.

Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, there was a girl who said she would never have kids. And now she has three. Ok, ok, give me a break. I know my storytelling abilities should be way more developed by now, but I’ve never been great at storytelling. I did tell the […]

Five Tips To Surviving Your Third Trimester

My dear readers, I owe you an explanation. I did not intend to drop off the face of the blogosphere, but it was inevitable. My reason for disappearing is good – I am currently about 95% crazy pregnant lady. Being only 4-6 weeks away from my due date (Dear God, please let it be 4!), […]

The Powerful Trade

Me: And the earth shook, and an angel came and – Micah: He pushed the stone away! Mom, if I were like eighteen hundred years old, I could push the stone away, and the angel wouldn’t have to. I would be strong enough, maybe even stronger than Daddy! There is a sweetness in the innocence […]

Shedding Selfishness

So, I didn’t expect to write this post so soon. I thought I’d give it about two weeks to really track my progress and change. But I’m one week in and it deserves a post. I warn you , it is long. But please read through it because it is my heart on a…screen. I […]

To the Lady at the Mall

*Disclaimer: this post is intended to be sarcastic.* Dear Lady at the Mall, Yeah, after the way you looked at me waddling toward the play place, a child on each hand, I discovered the smear of toothpaste from someone’s small lips all over the underbelly of my shirt. You had a look of pity in […]