Five Tips To Surviving Your Third Trimester

My dear readers, I owe you an explanation. I did not intend to drop off the face of the blogosphere, but it was inevitable. My reason for disappearing is good – I am currently about 95% crazy pregnant lady. Being only 4-6 weeks away from my due date (Dear God, please let it be 4!), my nesting drive is in full swing. Every morning I wake up with a list longer than my pregnant brain can actually remember of things I want to accomplish before Elena comes, and everyday I accomplish about 1/3 of one of those tasks. The irony that I am more motivated to get things cleaned and organized during the same season that I am at about 20% of my ability to move has not escaped me. And yet, everyday I hope…I dream…

I have also been mentally consumed, not with writing my next post, but with deep and life altering questions. I find the need to imagine my way through scenarios such as, if I drop my keys, is it faster to call for Micah across the house , convince him to stop what he’s doing , and come help me? Or is it faster to squat to get them myself? And if I choose to get them, is there the possibility of me actually getting back up off the floor? Another frequent question is, how can I plan my trip around this grocery store to take the fewest number of steps and still get the maximum number of samples?

So here, my readers are five tips I’ve come up with to survive the third trimester of your pregnancy, especially if you have two other children in tow. Feel free to share this wisdom with sisters, daughters, friends, cousins, etc.

1. Train yourself to think of the hippopotamus and the whale as beautiful creatures. This will help you immensely when getting dressed every morning.

2. Don’t stress about the mess. Think about it. It’s so much easier to park yourself in the middle of all the toys that are already out and play with your kids for a couple of hours instead of bending over to pick up the same car six times a day. Think of it as organizational play and make piles of the ones that you’ll scoop into the give away box when you finally get the energy to stand up.

3. When in doubt, go for the dark chocolate. Hungry for a snack? Dark chocolate is full of antioxidants. Can’t decide if you prefer dark blue to baby blue in the nursery? Dark chocolate is the perfect brain food to help you creatively solve this problem. Arguing with your husband over just how many prenatal massages you need? Come, let us reason together over some dark chocolate.

4. Groaning and grunting are perfectly acceptable forms of communication with your family for weeks 32-40. Just try to explain to your two year old that she is actually still big enough for real words, but that mommy is too big for them.

5. Bond with that baby. It’s easier to endure all the discomforts when you remember that there’s actually a tiny human in there. Take the opportunity to lay on the couch and watch your bump move, and let your kids do the same. Talk and sing to that unseen wonder, and teach your kids the excitement of seeing the baby respond to what you do. I’ve taken many a necessary short nap while my kids shout jibberish into my belly button and kiss my stretch marks.

So there you have it. And now I will leave you for some chocolate ice cream and a brainstorming session on just how I’ll get off the couch when I’m finished with it.

3 comments on “Five Tips To Surviving Your Third Trimester

  1. I have just laughed myself silly with images of you painted so well with your flowing pen, errr, swollen typing finger. Great come back!

  2. I think we have physic mind sharing powers! Our brain cells combined came up with this master piece I’m sure of it!!! Thanks for confirming all my thoughts and feelings. With the 95% craziness going on…I’m feeling so SANE right now. Praying with and for you!

  3. I’m such a blessed mother-in-love!!!!! Kimmie you are such a gifted GIFT! Thank you for brightening our lives! (With as little as I use the computer, finally a blog I can keep up with! 🙂 Mary

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