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To the Lady at the Mall

*Disclaimer: this post is intended to be sarcastic.* Dear Lady at the Mall, Yeah, after the way you looked at me waddling toward the play place, a child on each hand, I discovered the smear of toothpaste from someone’s small lips all over the underbelly of my shirt. You had a look of pity in […]

Miracles in the Storm

As part of our bedtime routine, we try to read a couple stories out of the Bible. Last night we read the story where Jesus walks on the water to His disciples. How many times have I read this story? A lot. But something struck me this time. Picture this: twelve grown men, burly, bearded, […]

To Be Offended

I’ve had this post in draft for about a week now. I’ve been a little worried that my posts are coming across not as “real life” but more as complaints about the struggles of being a parent. But I’ve tried writing some more lighthearted posts, they just aren’t from my heart. As a commitment to […]

Freedom in the Boxing Ring

Well, surprise! Norah is still two, which means…wait for it…she’s still acting like a two year old. Last night, after a particularly loud struggle between us, I felt like, “why are we still struggling? Why isn’t she getting it?” And then the brilliant answer dawned on me: I’m an adult and can analyze my actions […]

Input Monster

This is a repost from when I first started blogging, but it’s something I am trying hard to work on again. I continually have to remind myself to just Put. Down. The. Phone. Tonight Davy and I did a rare thing. We talked. Not about our kids or our new house or work or parenting […]