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Sharing Control

I had already asked him four times, and yes, I was keeping count. Micah had either suddenly developed a serious hearing problem or he and I were developing a serious relational problem. It’s the little things that can really add up in a day. You know, like asking your three year old four times to […]

Ropes and Anchors

Today was one of those days. You know the ones. Where starting from breakfast the wrongs of the day start to pile on, and you get sucked into this emotional spiral that twists every way downward with no emergency exit. And it takes you three hours to make it out of the house and the […]

An Open Letter To My Screaming Two Year Old

Dearest Child, Once upon a time, you were tiny and sweet and snuggly and wrapped very tightly in a blanket. I could wrap my arms around you and you would smile up at me, and that rise of joy in my heart was enough to make me think it would always be this way. But […]