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Becoming a Servant

I recently read that viral post from a woman judging other women who have chosen to raise families. And while it’s obvious that she wrote it just to go viral and get high traffic on her post, something she said stuck out to me because it’s always been my own struggling point: anyone can be […]

Making A Heart Connection

“Norah, don’t put that plastic bag over your head. That’s dangerous.” She slowly lowers the bag and looks at me like she doesn’t understand, even though I know she understood exactly what I meant. Then she raises it again. (I always looked at those warnings on plastic bags with amusement. Like, how dumb can parents […]

Lessons from Quiet Hour #2

My kids have favorite shows that we watch over and over and over, but sometimes –¬†sometimes –¬†I get them to watch something else. A couple of days ago, it was Curious George, and even though George would be in a heap of a lot of trouble way more often if he lived in my house, […]

To Listen or Not To Listen…

I begin this post with a disclaimer: I’m exploring an idea here, not telling you how to parent. God chose you to be your children’s parent, and you are better suited to make your own parenting choices than I am to make them for you. It seems to me that the day I decide to […]

Dear 2014 Self

I don’t make New Years Resolutions. I haven’t since I was seventeen. My sisters and I had this tradition where we went to a coffee shop with our prettiest notebooks and brainstormed the best resolutions possible. But the year I was seventeen, I decided not to make resolutions anymore. I never kept them and I […]