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Lessons From Quiet Hour

You know you’re the exhausted mom of a toddler when you burst into tears during one of their routine tv shows.

The other day during our quiet hour we were watching “The Fish Movie,” as Norah calls it. The villain is going to unleash a red tide, which will destroy everything and everyone. The king, a whale, urges everyone to grab pieces of their environment and hide inside his mouth because only he can withstand the red tide. After the red tide has passed, the fish are all devastated by the complete destruction. The king tells them to plant what they had saved. One of the fish says , “But even with all that we gathered, it won’t be enough!”

The king urges them to try, and this is the part that got me. The king uses what they had, and he makes everything new. He completely restores everything that was destroyed.

As we watched, Micah asked, “What’s happening, Mom? What’s he doing?” For the first time, I was able to visually explain the gospel to my son.
“He took the yucky part, everything that was broken and dead, and He turned it into life again. What was ugly, He made beautiful. What was part of the enemy’s land, He took back.”

I cried and cried. Not because the movie itself was so touching, but because the reality of what Christ does for us is so overwhelmingly beautiful. No matter the death, brokenness, and ugliness in our lives; no matter that even with all we have, it still could never possibly be enough to fix ourselves; no matter how much the enemy thinks our lives are part of his domain, Christ is enough. He takes what is broken and dead, and He turns it to life again. And it is overwhelmingly beautiful.

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