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Being a Team Player

When we got married, Davy’s mom wrote down a short piece of advice for me that has shaped the way I approach marriage. It’s so short. It’s so simple. Remember that you are on the same team. I could probably write a hundred posts about how this has already impacted my marriage, but not today. […]

App Review: Sparky the Fire Dog

Caution: this post contains nothing deep for you to dwell on. No challenges or over dramatic situations. But if you read it all the way through, it might buy you that shower time you’ve been hoping for… About a month ago, I heard about this new game coming out to teach kids some fire safety […]

Choosing to Deal

A few months ago we were about to sit down to dinner when I heard ear splitting screaming from the next room. I ran in to find Micah collapsed on the floor, holding his finger. “What happened?” I asked. “MY FINGER! I HURT MY FINGER!” I looked to find the tiniest cut I’d almost ever […]

When He Calls

I grew up reading the Bible. But something in particular about the Gospels always bothered me: how Jesus called His disciples. It was always so abrupt to me. These men are going about their jobs – fishing, tax collecting, whatever – and then this guy just shows up and says something weird like, “Follow me […]

The Good, the Hard, and the Easy

Hi, I’m Kimberly. I love words. I’m that nerd who loves word scramble games. I get a giddy feeling when I hold a book over a thousand pages. All those beautiful, beautiful words! Actually, I get a giddy feeling when I hold any book. One year when I was in college, I spent the entire […]