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Today’s Choice

Today I had to choose to not be offended by my kids.

The food I made was nit-picked at, poked at, prodded, and ultimately heralded as “yucky in my mouth.”

My words were ignored.

I was rudely yelled at on the playground, in the car, and in my house.

My attempts to help were met with complaints about why it wasn’t good enough.

My boundaries and buttons were pushed on purpose.

Today I had to choose. To choose to see past the hurtful words and frustrating actions, to let it slide like water off a duck’s back, and to get over my human desire to be liked.

Today I had to choose patience over explosion and compassion over self pity. To look at my child’s circumstances as separate from my own feelings.

Today I had to choose to speak life instead of death. And I had to choose to take a deep breath and realize this day doesn’t have to be ruled by grumpy attitudes.

And when I made that hard, hard choice, I found Grace waiting for me, holding His hand out to help me over this rocky ground.

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