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Today’s Choice

Today I had to choose to not be offended by my kids. The food I made was nit-picked at, poked at, prodded, and ultimately heralded as “yucky in my mouth.” My words were ignored. I was rudely yelled at on the playground, in the car, and in my house. My attempts to help were met […]

Ode To My Broken Dishwasher

Oh, dishwasher! Once, I had little love for the task you selflessly gave your life to. The grind Of daily opening yourself to our past Messes, our slime, our muck, our wet And soggy left-behinds, the parts We don’t want to deal with, and yet, You continually received and gave. Oh, dishwasher! I have not […]

More Thoughts on Discipline

Norah just turned 19 months old. You know what that means. Yup, the pre-two Terrible Twos. Oh, we’ve had fits before. She’s familiar with the word No, our hot words “Uh-oh” and “Trouble,” and the phrase “Don’t be ugly to Mommy.” She has developed a decent relationship with the time out stool – more than […]

Capturing My Monster Truck’s Heart

I’m a closet worrier. Without keeping my mind in check, I can go from zero to 5 million in about 3 minutes. Worry is the gopher burrowing holes in my heart. Well, lately that gopher has been digging in some deep places. Specifically regarding Micah and his very real aversion to almost anything to do […]

My Prayer As a Mom

Lord, let me be a mom who strives, not with my children or my husband, but toward my continual goal of being more like You. Lord, let me be a mom who aches, not from regrets or clinging to the past, but with love and compassion and desire to see my children know You fully. […]