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Quotable Micah, Part 2

I know this has been too long in coming, but here is the second installment of Micah quotes. These were from April and May, 2012. Enjoy!

After I put myself in a timeout, Micah told me, “Mommy, you will not scream.”

Me: Micah, you know jumping in the bathtub is against the rules because it’s dangerous. What will happen if you do it again?
Micah, squinting his eyes: um, Micah will just get a little tickle from mommy.

Micah: Mommy, which stable was Norah born in?

Micah looked me in the eyes at bedtime and said, “how has your day been, babe?”

Tonight at bedtime, Micah stared at the ceiling and touched his face for a long time. Then he sighed and said, “I just have some wrinkles.”
Me: haha, no Micah, you won’t get wrinkles until you’re old.
Micah: Micah’s eyes are just old. They have wrinkles up on top.
Me: you won’t get wrinkles until you’re really old. Older than Grammy and Bonk.
Micah: older than aunt Kristin?!?!

Micah’s prayer at bedtime: Jesus, thanks for our nap. Thanks for our day. (to me) who is our day from?
Me: from Jesus.
Micah: thanks for our day from Jesus….and robots. Oh wait… Not robots.

Micah: 6,8,9,10. 6,8,9,10. Where’s 7? It’s in the Bible!

Micah, to the fish on the sound machine projection: Swim, fish! Swim! Swim to a place called Eden!

Micah: Mommy, you’re a little bit sweet.

Davy, to Norah: hey princess!
Micah, to Norah: hey crocodile!
(note: crocodiles are on our like list)

Micah: kissing lambs is fine. It’s maybe slobbery. And it’s maybe yucky.

Davy: Micah, do you want to pray for dinner?
Micah: yeah. *takes a bite* Micah’s just making sure these peas are good enough.

Micah, on Easter: Mommy, God is not dead anymore today!!

One comment on “Quotable Micah, Part 2

  1. I always look forward to your postings on Facebook about Micah’s musings. I think I see him hosting the Tonight Show in about 35 years.

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