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Micah has found a new love for video games. Up until about a month ago (when we had a long visit from two video-game-expert uncles), Micah liked app games as much as the next little boy. But now we’ve entered into the Big Boy games. The real stuff. Like Mario Kart Double Dash and Monster […]

How I Get What I Want From My Kids, Part Two

I’ve had a couple people ask me how I use creative play to get my kids to do things. I’ve been mulling it over for a few days now to figure out the best way to explain it. But then tonight Micah and I had such a perfect conversation, so I thought I’d start with […]

The Little (Huge) Breakthroughs

You know how it feels when you’re in the middle of a parenting difficulty, and you look around you and all you see is hopelessness? Like nothing will ever change? Like the future is just a mirror image of the past? For all that drama I just explained, let me tell you something : we […]

Quotable Micah, Part 2

I know this has been too long in coming, but here is the second installment of Micah quotes. These were from April and May, 2012. Enjoy! After I put myself in a timeout, Micah told me, “Mommy, you will not scream.” Me: Micah, you know jumping in the bathtub is against the rules because it’s […]

Passing the Mantle

My sister got married a couple of weeks ago. Talk about a gorgeous bride and a beautiful wedding! I think the only wedding I’ve ever liked more is my own. As one of her maids of honor, I tried to fulfill my honor-ish duties. Like totally indulge in our spa day and have a front […]