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Simple Gospel

We made it to church on time this morning. (did you hear that Hallelujah Chorus?!) It was so nice to be there for more than one worship song, and since my mom had Micah in her lap, and Norah was falling asleep on my shoulder, I was actually able to close my eyes and worship. […]


“You are crossing your boundary, buddy.” I can’t even count the number of times this phrase has come out of my mouth the last week. It is mostly in reference to Micah making excruciatingly high-pitched squeals about an inch from Norah’s face while also pinching her cheeks. Norah screams, and I would like to scream […]

Butter, Mud, and Jesus

I had a very serious moment the other day. Are you ready for it? I was talking with my friend Amy about how we can’t take for granted that our kids will grow up believing truth. Our culture and our world are, as God has said they would, becoming more sinful. Yes, we want them […]

Experiencing Freedom

I happened upon a really mind boggling idea the other day. Those characteristics I want to have in my own life – the really good ones like patience and kindness and gentleness? Those things take practice. Did it smack you in the face like it did me? It was one of those realizations that took […]