Quotable Micah

My son is really quick with his words. I love to engage him in conversation, and I always try to just “play along” when he comes up with something hilarious. We’ve ended up with some pretty priceless exchanges. He started coming up with funny things soon after he could talk (about 2 years old), so in honor of his third birthday, I’m starting a quote series. I was going to put all of them up at once, but it ended up being seven pages long. So, starting at the beginning…

Mrs. Jill: Are you putting cargo into the back of that truck?
Micah: Not cargo! Truck-go!

Micah, pointing to Norah: THIS is a person!

Aunt Jules: Do you know I love you?
Micah: Yeah. Micah’s a sweet guy.

Micah, after talking to Mommy about how we say “God bless you” when someone sneezes, and after Eevee sneezed on you: Mommy! Eevee blessed me!

Me: Micah, does this scarf look good or funny?
Micah: *sigh* it’s plobably fine.

Micah, smelling my hair at bedtime: It’s expensive!

Micah: Mommy, Micah has chocolate poop!

At naptime, after I finished nursing Norah, Micah leaned over and stroked her hair, saying: You done, sweet Norah? You done, sweet girl?

Me: Micah, I want you to drink some of this water, please.
Micah, after drinking: Mommy, Micah wants you to drink this water, please.

Micah’s prayer last night: Jesus, thanks for our nap. Thanks for our moons. Our precious moons.

Micah: look, Norah. This is a excavator. It spins around and drives like this. It can do anything, Norah!

Micah: Micah has to listen and obey mommy. 
Me: that’s right. 
Micah: daddy has to listen and obey mommy too.

Micah: daddy, Micah puts toys in bin and daddy say “Alice.”
Davy: ALICE!

Micah: mommy, we not lick people. Not lick vroom vrooms. Just white walls. mommy, we not lick daddy’s friends! 


(January-March 2012)

2 comments on “Quotable Micah

  1. Awesome stuff. I hope to see you all again sooner than later.

  2. Ah, sweet sweet boy, you are a one-of-a-kind diamond sparkling out of the rough!

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