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What would I say?

I wasn’t going to write anything about the current political happenings because EVERYONE is writing about them. But then I started thinking, what would I say to my kids about this whole debate, if they were old enough to ask? So here it is: 1. Our focus as Christians should be to love God and […]

Dear Fellow Mom

Dear fellow Mom, I’ve been thinking about you a lot for the last couple of days. I’ve wondered how you’re doing, and if your days are anything like mine, and if you’re as exhausted as I am by the time you finally get the kids to bed. I’ve been thinking about you because I’ve wondered […]

Quotable Micah

My son is really quick with his words. I love to engage him in conversation, and I always try to just “play along” when he comes up with something hilarious. We’ve ended up with some pretty priceless exchanges. He started coming up with funny things soon after he could talk (about 2 years old), so […]

The Bossy Threes

I knew this would happen. The day I posted about allowing my kids to say no to me we started a new phase. I like to call it the “I Do What I Want” phase. Or the “Bossy Threes.” Or maybe just the “Now Mom Is Really Pulling Her Hair Out” phase. It goes something […]