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A First

I guess there’s a first for everything. This was a definite first.

We had been shopping for a long time already, and I knew Micah was getting antsy. So I let him walk in Hobby Lobby instead of ride in the tiny basket he would have to share with my monster diaper bag. He does pretty well walking in stores, decently abiding by the rule that if he doesn’t listen and obey the first time, into the basket he goes. That, and he has to stick to his “station” and say “look, mom!” if he wants to see something closer. Well, that’s what he’s said every time so far.

I was trying to decide between some party favors, and apparently was pretty engrossed in it.

“look, mom!”

Pink and white bracelets or necklaces?

“look, mom!”

Monster trucks or bouncy balls for the boys?

“look, mom!”

How many kids are actually coming to this party anyway?

“look, mom!”

I turned around, and there it was. A tiny, little, white moon peeking out at me from under a grey sweater. And a wildly impish grin.

I’d like to say I didn’t laugh, but I’d be lying. The absurdity if my two year old mooning me in the middle of a large craft store was just too much. Luckily there was no one else in my aisle to see, but I am pretty sure whoever reviews the video surveillance will get a pretty good laugh.

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