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Mommy Guilt

Let’s talk about guilt for a minute. Mine, to be specific. Lately I’ve been plagued with Mommy Guilt. I’m not sure why. Maybe my perfectionism is rearing it’s ugly head and I’ve been too tired to fight it. Or maybe it’s a new season that I have to work through…you know, more character development. It’s […]

Why I am free with my praise

Yesterday Norah wanted to play in the dirt. So, going against my strong dislike for getting dirty, we put shoes on and went outside. I cringe when I see Norah fall over into the dirt, covering her cute leggings and jackets with a dust that just won’t ever come off. I cringe when I see […]

A First

I guess there’s a first for everything. This was a definite first. We had been shopping for a long time already, and I knew Micah was getting antsy. So I let him walk in Hobby Lobby instead of ride in the tiny basket he would have to share with my monster diaper bag. He does […]

Being Jello

Like most moms this season, I’ve been housebound with two sick kids. If dealing with two small children isn’t difficult enough, dealing with two sickies can really remind you that you’re deep in the mommy-trenches. Let me confess, lately I have not been the best at minding these trenches. I try to be a patient […]

Birthday memories

Yesterday was my baby’s first birthday. I know it’s cliche to say this, but I can’t believe it. it’s so crazy to think that she was born just a year ago. And only a year ago. I went into labor about 10:30 in the morning. I had been in labor for the whole night 9 […]

something for me

It’s kind of like a mantra in my era of mom-hood to “do something for yourself.” To take a moment to pamper yourself, watch out for yourself, or have some time alone. I understand the need. It’s a good day if I can get about 30 seconds to go to the bathroom by myself. An […]