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Baby Dearest,

I promise I will love the wonderment in your eyes when their wide open sparkle is not reflecting the bluish nightlight of the sound machine, designed by Professionals to enhance your quality of sleep. I promise I will love your astounding babbles, the “hi mamas” and “night night dadas” in pure, crystalline tones when they […]

Input Monster

Tonight Davy and I did a rare thing. We talked. Not about our kids or our new house or work or parenting strategies or worship leading. We talked about Davy’s video game, and he explained all about the amount of damage he can do. And then he told me about a TED talk he listened […]

Thoughts on discipline

Discipline is such a tricky thing. You have to train a small person in the intricacies of both moral and social boundaries, expect them to remember these boundaries, and then also remember to follow all of them yourself. One mess up on your part, and that small person will call you on it faster than […]