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Motivation and the lack thereof

I sat through the sermon at church on Sunday. I say this as though it were significant because it was – my kids never let me leave them at the nursery, so “sunday nursery worker” has been added to my list of roles for the last two years.

The sermon was good. Not like change-your-whole-perspective-on-life good, but something he said stood out to me. Talking about economics and why socialism isn’t God’s plan, pastor said, “God didn’t curse the ground and make us have to work for our food because He hates us! He did it because He loves us and because He knows that without motivation [needing food], we wouldn’t ever work. It is because of our sin nature that we lack motivation to work.”

Don’t ask me why I never equated lack of motivation with sin. It’s so obvious, but I never put them together. I don’t see lack of motivation as the same thing as laziness – to me, laziness is farther down the scale of “bad.” But lack of motivation? You mean, the reason I put off folding the laundry and leave dog hair on my floors is because of sin nature? Why I just don’t make that phone call again today and why I let my shower go one more day without being cleaned is because of my sin nature? Why I don’t just put on my running shoes and load up the kids into the stroller is because I was born with sin?

It makes so much sense. Paul said it best:

For I do not understand my own actions. For I do not do what I want, but I do the very thing I hate.
(Romans 7:15 ESV)

He said it best because I really hate not doing those things I should. In my mind, I really want to get them done, and yet, my bed is still covered with clean laundry, and I had to admit to the dr yesterday that, no, chasing my kids around the circle in my kitchen does not count as exercise.

In a way, I like being able to blame this on sin. In another way, I can’t indulge anymore because now I know it is sin. God, help me be motivated and overcome my sin nature!

One comment on “Motivation and the lack thereof

  1. Ugh! Why did you have to write this post!

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