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Ok, I’ll admit it! The pressure is too much. I haven’t written in over a month because I can’t come up with the content and volume of my last post for another post. I mean, I could, but not without neglecting something important.

My whole house is being neglected as I write. Norah’s asleep and Micah’s with Grammy, so I should be cleaning. How desperate my house is to be cleaned…

Anyway, I’m going to try another approach, which is brilliant and unheard of: write whatever I want. Long or short, serious or silly. Genius.

I read once that getting a child dressed is like trying to stuff a live octopus into a plastic grocery bag. As I’ve thought about it, though (and I’ve thought about it quite a bit the last few days), I think the analogy should be for parenting in general. Just think about it – the feeling of futility, the outright inability to actually accomplish something, the frustration, the utter ridiculousness. It accurately sums up the feelings I get throughout the day. Just as I successfully stuff one part in, three parts slip out again and are flying in different directions.

Case in point:


This baby slept for a total of 8 minutes.

I don’t have a spiritual side to this post. No happy conclusion of what this analogy should make me feel about God, parenting, or myself. Except this – maybe giving us a way to actually visualize our feelings is why God created the octopus. And plastic grocery bags.

One comment on “Confession

  1. 1) I love that picture of Norah.

    2) I would much prefer you to frequently enter a short, random post than infrequently enter a long post. your thoughts are great either way (funny and deep), and so frequent is def the way to go.

    that’s all. i miss you.

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