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The First of Many

I’m trying it again, this blogging thing. Last time around I had such good intentions. And then I got pregnant and my blog became my outlet for pregnancy and postpartum complaints. This won’t happen again…unless maybe i get pregnant again.

I’ve been feeling a desire to write again, an inner urge to put my thoughts to “paper” and let them be available to be seen. Not that being seen will give them more value, but that in being seen, I can re-enter the world of thought and discussion after a tired and bleary eyed two years post baby #1. Don’t get me wrong – I’m still tired and bleary eyed, but I feel like now I’m ready to be tired, bleary eyed, and more vocal.

In 2008 (wow, FOUR years ago!), God put the book of Hosea on my heart. Strange, I know, but it was quite obvious that He was trying to speak to me, considering the complete obsession I had with it for awhile. Over the years this book has haunted me, followed me, popped up in places I didn’t expect and in circumstances when I wasn’t looking for it. And now it’s back again. And now I’m going to respond to it. Write my thoughts and findings, and hopefully open up the pages of Hosea in an interesting and fresh light for whoever stumbles across this blog. This story is beautiful and tragic, heartbreaking and astonishing.

I will undoubtedly throw in other posts about other things. But don’t be surprised if they’re mostly about parenting. That’s kinda…what I do. I parent. I wipe noses and change diapers. I kiss owies and get sweet hugs in return. And I pray and count to ten a lot.

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